Scholarship Recognition2020-2021 Officers

Co-Presidents: Julie Kraft and Doris Woodbury

Vice President:  Maureen Dempsey

Secretary:  Arlinda McLaughlin

Treasurer:  Michelle Helm agreed to take over as treasurer in 2021


During the winter of 1982-1983, a group of women gathered at the Sublette County Library to begin the business of putting together a garden club. Since Barbara Pellicione had been active in the Green River Bicentennial Garden Club, she was asked to be chairperson.  As such, she guided the group in the procedures of becoming a federated club, belonging to the Wyoming Federation of Garden Clubs.   Many ladies “…talked about this venture for several months…then decided to actually become a club.”


Sunflowers“The first order of business was to decide on a name for the club. The day of the first meeting brought terrible weather.  There was such a wild blizzard, you could hardly see.  We thought ‘sage’ should be in our name since about the only thing growing here in Pinedale at the time was sagebrush.  Then someone looked out the window and jokingly mentioned ‘snow’ should be in the club’s name.  With a little discussion and a lot of laughing, it was decided.  Our club name became ‘The Sage and Snow Garden Club of Pinedale.’  It’s definitely a good name to ‘stay in tune with nature.’  Next, officers were elected, dues set, chairmanships chosen, and a regular meeting day set.  We had 14 Charter Members.  Officers chosen were Barbara Pelliccione, President; Martha Williams, Vice-president; Janice Kanski, Secretary; and Ann Stevens, Treasurer.”


Bette Baldwin, Dorothean Jorgensen,  Janice Kanski, Barbara  Pelliccione, Edna Peterson, Ione McReynolds, Ann Stevens, Martha Williams.  

There were apparently 14 Charter Members, according to the clubs historical write-up, however no complete list has been found.  This list has been compiled from past membership booklets and a list of first officers.  

“Charter Member” definition – A Charter Member is a person who assisted in the formation of the club and therefore, one of the club’s first members.  A Charter Member is a designation by the Sage & Snow Garden Club and is not recognized by the Wyoming Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.  Charter Members have their annual dues paid by the club.

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