Gardens of Beauty

Each summer the Sage and Snow Garden Club recognizes local residents and businesses who create beauty through gardening by presenting them with Garden of Beauty award. Any garden in Sublette County is eligible to receive an award and perhaps get their names and garden pictures in the local newspaper. This award is made to recognize all the hard work that is needed to garden in this area and to thank the gardeners for adding even more beauty to Sublette County. If you know of a garden that you think deserves the award please bring it to our attention by calling Arlinda at (307) 367-2791 or Jeanne at (307)-683-6066

2016 Recipients

2015 Recipients

 Biz-The GarageBiz-Ryan Ptasnik
Terry Hunt, “The Garage”                                                    Ryan Ptasnik & Samantha Rise “Painted Sage Farm”
Res-Vera RobertsRes-Toni and Gary Bohnet
Vera Roberts & Helpers                                                                 Toni & Gary Bohnet
Res-Todd and Tifney MorganRes-Prill and Bill Meacham
Todd & Tifney Morgan                                                                 Prill & Bill Mecham

Res-Jim & Teresa BrostRes-Clint & Jeane Coville

Jim & Teresa Brost                                                                         Clint & Jeane Covill

2014 Recipients

Nicole Thiele & Cole PetersonMichelle & James Helm CPA2
Nicole Thiele & Cole Peterson                                                  Michelle & James Helm
 Fran Fontana
Fran Korfanta
Childrens DiscoverChildrens Discovery3Childrens Discovery2
                                                                              Children’s Discovery Center

2013 Recipients

Phylis Stevens                                                                                        Phylis Stevens

Phylis Stevens                                                        Beth Boothe
Ft Williams                                                                                       Pinedale Properties

2012 Recipients 

Robyn & Alan Blackburn                                                                   Sublette County Library in Pinedale
The Learning Center                                                                         Lainey Wright
Janet & Bill Bellis                                                                       Ann & Jay Fear
Kimberly Ervin Gardens

2010 Recipients

2010 Harriet Port2010 St Andrews in the Pines Church

Harriet & George Port                                                                   St. Andrew’s Episcopal
2010 137 Washington in Pindale2010 Local MotelBetty Boehm & Ross McCraken                                                      Half Moon Lodge

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