Pinedale Flower Barrels

Each year the Sage & Snow Garden Club manages the planning, planting, putting out and collection of flower barrels for merchants and organizations throughout the town of Pinedale, WY.  We typically receive help from the Leos, Girl and Boy Scouts, Soroptimists, Main Street Pinedale, as well as many club members and their families.  The number of barrels that are planted by the club has grown over the years from under 30 to 240.  Barrels are planted about one month before they are set out on the streets.  This gives the plants a chance to take hold and become more robust to our challenging weather conditions.  The general rule of thumb is to wait until after Father’s Day to set out annual plants.  No matter how anxious we become we know that this approach has served us in the past and must be honored.

To volunteer for this project or for more information on any other Sage and Snow Garden Club project, please send an email to

2019 Flower Barrels

2018 Flower Barrels

2016 Flower Barrels


2015 Flower Barrels
IMG_1302Garden club members who helped plant 2014 barrels
IMG_1364Image 1_2
 2014 Flower Barrels
2013 Flower Barrels w/polycarbonate barrels & liners
2012 FLower Barrel
2012 Flower Barrels w/ salvia & trailing petunias
First Step is to pick up the barrels in Jackson.
Recruiting help from the neighbors and dogs during unloading
Getting ready for Planting Day                                            Organizers set up flats for easy assembly
Instructions are given to volunteer planters along with a demonstration
Planting begins by adults, children, and furry friends

1 Response to Pinedale Flower Barrels

  1. Tami Ruland says:

    The flowers around town are gorgeous! I want to thank you all for the beautiful job and effort that’s done every year. It’s lovely to enter a business with the sweet aroma and beauty surrounding me!


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