Seed and Plant Sources

Nature Seed

Wind River Seed

American Meadows – Bulbs, perennials, wildflower seeds

Americas Selections – Great site to browse for flower and vegetable varieties that have shown superior performance in test gardens since 1933

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – A global selection of rare and worthwhile varieties (Mansfield, Mo.)

Bluestone Perennials – Favorites: Trollius Ledebourii &  Fragaria Lipstick False Strawberry

Botanical Interests (Broomfield, Colo.)

Burpee Seeds and Plants Supplier of highest quality non-GMO seeds since 1876 (Warminster, Pa.)

The Cook’s GardenSeeds and plants for gourmet gardeners (Warminster, Pa.)

Farmer Seed and Nursery Perennials, bulbs, fruit, shrubs, and trees

Fedco Seeds – Co-op with excellent variety choice, usually the cheapest prices and offers information on where their seeds are from (Waterville, Maine)

Ferry-Morse Seed Company – Oldest seed company in America, many heirloom seed varieties among the selections, even in the organic line (Fulton, Ky.)

Gilbert H. Wild And Son – Large grower of daylilies, iris, and peonies,

Henry Fields – All types of seeds, plants and gardening supplies

High Country Gardens – Native plants, grasses, flowers for the western garden Xeriscape perennials; Favorite: High Mountain Wildflowers

High Mowing Organic Seeds – Personal service and wide variety of organic selections (Wolcott, Vt.)

Johnny’s Selected Seeds –  Superb supplier that uffers heirlooms, organics and hybrids (Winslow, Maine)

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds – Great selection of salad green collections & blends and habitat flower gardens (Bantam, CT)

Nichols Garden Nursery – Old-world heirlooms or just plain fun (Albany, Ore.)

One Green World – Unique fruits & ornamentals from around the world (even for glacial till, – 40 degrees!)

Organic Gardening Park Seed – Lucy Neely’s favorite seed company; high germination success; Favorite: Rainbow Bell Pepper

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply (Grass Valley, Calif.)

Pine Tree Garden Seeds – Good source books & misc. gardening items

Renee’s Garden Seeds –  Vegetables and garden-worthy annual flowers (Felton, Calif.)

R.H. Shumway’s Illustrated Garden Guide – In business for over 140 years,  wide variety of seeds and plants (Randolph, Wisconsin)

Seeds of Change – Good combination of heirlooms, open-pollinated and quality hybrids, all organically grown. (Rancho Dominguez, Calif.)

Seed Savers Exchange – Provides unique and nearly forgotten heirlooms (Decorah, Iowa)

Territorial Seed Company – (Cottage Grove, Ore.) Reign supreme as a regional seed source, with excellent ratings for producing catalogs brimming with varietal and cultural information

Thompson & Morgan – Great selection w/photos of annuals & perennial seed; Favorites: Apricot Flambeau Calif. Poppy & Achillea Summer Pastels  (direct sow)       

Totally Tomatoes – Huge selection of tomato & vegetable seeds; Favorites: lemon drop & sweet million cherry tomatoes

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