Club Meetings

Club Activity Information – Club meetings will be focused around activities and educational events throughout the year. The club president will inform members of occasional changes to club activity dates, times or locations.

Membership – Membership is open to men and women who are full or part-time residents with or without gardening experience.

Club Year – June 1st thru May 31st

Dues – Annual dues are $10 and payable upon joining. $10 for couples as well.

Membership Renewal Deadline –  June

2020 Garden Club Activity Schedule
Month       Educational Topic  Owner/Presenter 
 Jan 24 Cally’s Helping Hands Celebration- Library 5:30pm All Welcome
 Jan 28 Lick Tub Gardening (Library-6pm) Arlinda McLaughlin
Feb 25 & 27

March 3, 6, 10, 12

BOCES Gardening in Sublette County Class Arlinda McLaughlin
April 21 Cleanup Gateway and Waterwise Gardens Julie Kraft
May 6 Soil Health and Composting (Library) Caitlin Price- Youngquist, UW Extension
May 16 Flower Barrel Planting Nicole Thiele
May 19 Water Wise Garden Maintenance Julie Kraft
Tuesdays in May (5th, 12th, 19th &26th) BOCES After School Program Arlinda McLaughlin
June 20 Sublette County Conservation District Spring Expo Arlinda McLaughlin, Jess Artz & Sno Ann Engler
Week of June 15th Set Out Flower Barrels Nicole Thiele
July 16 Water Wise Garden Maintenance Julie Kraft
August 1



December 15



Garden Tea and Tour

Collect Flower Barrels

Develop Wreath for Mountain Man Auction

Holiday Celebration and 2021 Planning Meeting


Arlinda, Marlene, Natalie, Kathie

Nicole Thiele

Pat Poletti/ Diana Trapp

Michelle Helms




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