Greenhouse Clean Up

IMG_3152Hello S&S Blog members,

UPDATE: I forgot about the sheets of plastic.  Some new and others used.

As most of you already know, Jack and I are moving back to Colorado by the end of December 2017 so the packing is in full gear.  I have just completed sorting through my greenhouse and have some “free treasures” to the first person(s) to claim them.  I am posting them here 1st before using Sublette for Sale.  Give me a call at 307-683-6066 if you are interested in any of the following:

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Planting containers & timbers

25 cut off lick tubs and 14 large plastic pots – Free

$1.00 each for landscaping timbers

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GREAT Low Cost to Free Stuff!!

Hello Gardeners,
I have recently received calls from the following people with gardening offers we thought some of you might be interested in.  Feel free to contact them directly if they have something you need.  There are flowers, tree cages and tomato starts.

Nancy Julius

(970) 640-2861 – call or text
Various flowering perennials, free for the taking
Courtney Skinner
(307) 231-2769
Preformed circular fencing tree guards, free for the taking
Mary Thompson – morning are best for her
(307) 367-2502 (home)
(307) 360-8272 (cell)
Determinant and  Indeterminate Tomato starts ($2-$5 depending on size)
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Jade Plants


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