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We promote and encourage an interest in gardening, 

the study of horticulture, 

the conservation of natural resources, 

the beautification of the community 

and raising the awareness of citizens of any age to the

joys and rewards of gardening.

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“Sounds like you do wonderful volunteer work for so many good causes plus making the world a beautiful place.”  Friend of S&S Member


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  1. kimmib49 says:

    I would like to know about vegetable and flower gardening in Sublette county. My husband and I are looking at homes in Pinedale and Big Piney. I have always gardened and would like to figure out what I will need to do differently. We live in southeast NE right now.


    • sageandsnow says:

      Hello Kim, so glad to hear you are moving to Sublette County. Welcome! I will put you in touch with one of our club members who has put together some amazing guide sheets that contain a ton of information related to gardening in Sublette County. I moved from South Central Nebraska three years ago and I am still learning how to be a successful gardener in this climate. The garden club has been a huge help! There are so many knowledgeable members that love to help others in the community succeed.


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